A Lifestyle Concours

of Automotive Excellence

Celebrating the Art of the Automobile

This coming January 14-15, 2023 the annual Motorcar Cavalcade Concours d’Elegance returns to Miami—launching the winter show season in glorious fashion—at the renowned JW Marriott Turnberry Resort & Spa.

This Lifestyle Concours event gathers our global community of car connoisseurs to share an enchanting collection of rare, remarkable, seductive and historic automobiles—the finest in the world—all in grand garden party form.

Motorcar Cavalcade is a celebration for any car enthusiast or patron of the finer things in life—presented in an unforgettable and unmatched unification of cars, cuisine and lifestyle.

This unique Concours d’Elegance hosts and judges specially curated and themed displays of vehicles throughout time— from first advancements to most advanced, from record-keepers to record-breakers, from living legends to the products of new ones.

These coveted machines are all on display, eager to show off and flaunt their grace in the tropical sun of the one-and-only Sunshine State.


An Unparalleled Experience

Entrants, VIPs and attendees are offered a chance to immerse themselves in the sensational aromas of hand-stitched leather and high-octane fuel, the seductive historical notes of hand-cranked engines and the roar of next-generation horsepower, and of course an exclusive, glamorous garden party overflowing with all-inclusive culinary and mixology pavilions.

Motorcar Cavalcade is not just a celebration of the automobile, but a celebration of our community and our desire to share our passions with family, friends and admirers.

Join us as we unite the world of cars, cuisine and first-class lifestyle in the unmatched weather and way of living in the aptly-named Gold Coast.

Motorcar Cavalcade 2023 Classes

Our desire to appreciate all exceptional cars—from the dawn of motoring to the newest, most advanced modern creations—provides a context for the art, design and engineering of the automobile in unprecedented ways.

Our classes are designed to inspire, contrast, challenge, educate and enlighten—for those who know cars and those who had no idea!


submit For Consideration

The Motorcar Cavalcade is invitation-only. Due to the unique nature of this Concours, which celebrates any and every distinguished vehicle—including current production models—anyone may submit any car for consideration.

However, the Selection Committee will only accept vehicles that stand out from the rest—remarkably special, significant, newsworthy or unique vehicles.​

Join the Celebration

We are throwing an automotive-inspired garden party. Dress your best, hats and picnic blankets are encouraged—simply put, you need to be here!

The Event

The Motorcar Cavalcade is a multi-day event, beginning on Friday evening, January 28th and concluding on Sunday, January 30th, 4pm with the awarding of “Best in Show”. During our time together, there will be planned events, VIP exclusives, our incredible host resort & spa to take advantage of and of course, our endless beaches and exciting host City, Miami to make the weekend a memorable one.​

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