Vehicle acceptance to the Motorcar Cavalcade is conducted by our Selection Committee. Due to the unique nature of this Concours which celebrates all incredible, significant cars – including current production models – anyone can submit any vehicle for consideration. However, the Selection Committee will only accept cars that stand out from the rest – truly special, significant, newsworthy or unique vehicles.​

Completely original cars, perfectly restored vehicles, remarkable customs, cars with incredible provenance, milestone cars and the rare and exotic – are all welcome for consideration.

Our classes will be tailored to the diversity of the cars submitted and specific themes the Concours Committee decides upon based on current events. Our goal is to celebrate the automobile in its finest form and we will tailor our classes to the cars we feel best fit the theme of the event.

Our approach will ensure a unique, never before seen collection of remarkable cars – a palette of design, engineering and style – a Cavalcade of Cars to immerse oneself in.

Importantly, although the cars are the stars, the social gathering is just as important. This event is about enjoying the camaraderie and fellowship that the automobile brings to us. Our car community is unlike any other, and the Cavalcade celebrates both – the cars and the people that covet them.


Motorcar Cavalcade will present some of the world’s greatest automobiles, and to recognize these vehicles, awards and recognition will be given to the vehicles that stand above the rest – the cars with that certain “X factor”.

The Concours Committee will create award categories, and groups of judges will be assigned to these specific categories. It will be the judges responsibility to find the cars that best exemplify the merits of, and the emotional connection between, the specific award they are responsible for and the cars on the field.

Our judges will evaluate award recognition based on their areas of expertise. For instance, we may have a group of fashion designers award “most beautifully designed interior”, a group of race car drivers award “most significant race car” and a group of engineers award “most technologically advanced”.

The judges and their decision criteria will be as unique as the cars they are in charge of evaluating
– it is our goal to have remarkable people judging remarkable cars.

In addition to our “Award Judges”, we will have a Chief Judge overseeing the show field. This technically and traditionally trained Concours Judge will be on hand to help guide and support our Award Judges and to ensure knowledgeable and experienced hands are present to help with tie breakers, special considerations and other variables that surface when dealing with the complex task of choosing amongst the finest cars in the world.

To conclude our event, cars that have received an award will be eligible for one of our two coveted Modern or Classic Era, “Best of Show” awards.


Introducing our unique, specialty classes – designed to celebrate the art of the automobile and to honor both modern and classic cars.

To submit your vehicle, please use the form below. During the submission process, you will be asked to choose which class you would like your car to compete in. Our Selection Committee will evaluate your choice and contact you if necessary, to discuss your car’s placement.

Vehicle Submission

The Cavalcade Selection Committee will review and ultimately select the vehicles to receive the “Golden Ticket” – acceptance to be part of this exclusive, extraordinary event! The process begins as soon as an application is received.

Please note that although selection is an ongoing process, the show field can and will fill up quickly. Submissions should be made as early as possible. You will receive an email confirmation upon completion of your submission.