Blended in Aventura Mall has you covered for Motorcar Cavalcade

Blended in Aventura Mall has you covered for Motorcar Cavalcade

Fine fashion and cool cars. Do we have your attention now? Top-shelf machines and fabulous fashionistas are taking center stage at a big, fabulous event this weekend. Alex Miranda, our well dressed Deco driver, is about to put the pedal to the metal.

The Motorcar Cavalcade is back at the JW Marriott Turnberry in Aventura. Now, y’all, these tickets are several hundred dollars. This is like the comicon of fancy cars, and we’re getting you a sneak peek tonight for free. All of all the high-octane fun and fashion. Jump in and let’s take a ride.

James Bond’s not the only one who’s got himself one sweet ride.

Classic cars from yesterday and today are on display at the Motorcar Cavalcade.

Jason Wenig: “Motorcar Cavalcade is a Concours d’Elegance in it’s true sense. A Concours d’Elegance by definition is a display of excellence in the car world. We’ve adopted that to bringing our remarkable cars out.”

Besides having a great time enjoying the food, drink and driving machines, you’ll also be getting a history lesson.

Jason Wenig: “We celebrate all cars, from the beginning of the automotive world to the most advanced hyper cars in the world.”

Keep your eyes out for this baby at the event.

It’s a 1976 Porsche 911 S Targa, AKA, the people’s sports car.

Chris Gleason: “This particular model is the one where Porsche really began to get it’s foothold in the American public to the car enthusiasts.”

Cars will be judged in a variety of ways.

Everything from what you see to what your hear.

Chris Gleason: “There’s actually a category for which car sounds the best, so you’re gonna have judges listening to all these engines.”

That’s where Wyclef Jean comes in.

He’s one of the celebrity judges who’ll be waiting for the roar of a perfect engine.

And he’ll know it when he hears it.

Wyclef Jean: “I remember my father who worked in a car dealership, also did a bit of mechanic, and I remember one of the things he said, ‘The engine has to sound like music.’”

You should really put on your finery for the Cavalcade.

Jason Wenig: “The day of it is all about being dressed up.”

If you need a little inspiration for your outfit of the day, Blended at the Aventura Mall has you covered.

Kimberly Sussman/Lead Stylist, Aventura Mall: “So I selected these items based upon the weather, the sunshine that we have here in South Florida, and I wanted to pick linen fabrics and great colorful silks.”

These outfits will totally work at the Cavalcade or anywhere else.

Kimberly Sussman/Lead Stylist, Aventura Mall: “So I wanted to think about outfits that could take us from day to night, the resort to the restaurant.”

Just a reminder, all the cars at the Motorcar Cavalcade are on display. they’re not for sale, so don’t go kicking the tires.